Love of Allah

Love of Allah

Among all love and affections, the primary essential love and the love which is the most unique and highest of all is the indispensable love for Allah (Almighty). This is because Allah (Almighty) has the most unique attributes, thus being the inventor, maker, and creator of all.

If one reflects on what he loves, one finds Allah (Almighty), the Lord of the universe, and His Glory and perfection in everything he loves.

Love of Allah (Almighty) is the main source of every good deed and beauty. It is the spring of eagerness, pleasure and energy. Having the love of Allah (Almighty), a person becomes a Saint (Veli), a Scholar, and a perfect being.

Love of Allah (Almighty) makes one a good and better person, child, parent, neighbour, and friend.

In contrast, without the love of Allah (Almighty), a person remains immature, unlikable, insolent, inconsiderate, rebellious, oppressive, abuseive, hard-hearted, criminal and feels lost in worldly activities subconsciously looking for answers to satisfy their inner-soul elsewhere.

The Essence of Islam

The essence of Islam is the love of Allah (Almighty). The love of Allah (Almighty) stems from the love of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Holy Qur’an, faith, worship, charity, love for Muslims, love of brotherhood, love of humanity, love of art and alike.

Love of Allah (Almighty) gives forth forgiveness, mercy, patience, thankfulness, desire and energy to perform good deeds.

The essence of tasawwuf (true Sufism) is to have the love of Allah (Almighty) instilled in servants, and have them pleased and loved by Allah (Almighty). Tasawwuf attains this goal with delicate, detailed and profound techniques, It turns an ordinary person into a lover and beloved of the Creator.

Maulana Jelaluddin Rumi’s (Great 13th century Sufi poet) Mathnawi is a manifestation of love; the sound of the nay (reed flute) is a sound of love. So are Yunus Emre’s (Great 14th century Sufi – Islamic musician) hymns and Itri’s songs. Likewise, a worshipper’s khalwat (privacy, seclusion for devotion), dervish’s dhikr(remembrance of Allah Almighty), mujahid’s jihad, martyr’s giving up his life, and veteran’s victory medal is the manifestation of the love of Allah (Almighty).

A person should not attain major responsibilities and commitments before he is illuminated with Divine love. If one does, one would destroy whatever one tries to restore and hence cause harm while attempting to help. One would hurt people, break hearts, create chaos, cause people to fight. One would “get up with anger and sit down with harm.” One would kill while attempting to save lives, make everything worse while in fact attempting to improve it. A “half-doctor” with insufficient skills, knowledge and expertise will cause loss of life, as they only have basic general practitioning skills while attempting to perform a highly complicated specialised operation.

The Servants of Allah (SWT)

The pre-requisites of an ability to have good relations for people is for one to be a good servant / believer of Allah (Almighty). If a servant does not have loyalty to his Creator, one cannot provide any comfort or help to His creatures. One’s appearance may be glittering but it has no significance if one’s inner self is filthy and rotten. One’s words may be sweet and smooth; however they have no importance if one’s intentions is that of evil.

Unfortunately the cause of most suffering by Muslims is not in any enemy but the lethargic attitudes, short-sightedness and general ignorance of Muslims.

There have always been enemies since the very early times of Islam; nevertheless, true Muslims have won so many victories, established great civilisations, and ruled so many nations with total justice and divine happiness despite the many enemies.

One of the best qualities of any person is undoubtedly derived from the ability for one to recognise one’s shortcomings.

The world of Islam must examine itself, identify the shortcomings, correct the mistakes, improve its methodology.

Today, I feel ashamed and sad when I look at the state, words and actions of people who claim to represent Islam. They start with wrong ideologies and work with inappropriate methods.

They see friends as foes; they “cut the branch they sit on.” Instead of winning hearts, they break them and earn the hatred of people. While their opponents increase in number and open new fronts for confrontation.

Good Muslim

Today, the way to spread, cultivate and protect Islam and to have people love Islam can only be achieved through good deeds, patience, love and mercy, NOTstubbornness, fighting and war. A good Muslim is a person who has strong unquestionable faith, who consciously strives for the hereafter, by giving, being patient, merciful, forgiving, is full of love and respect, well-mannered, sweet-tongued, kind and a charitable loving person.

These unique qualities must manifest themselves on oneself when one interacts with people. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) once said:

“There is no goodness in a person who isolates himself, who cannot get along with anybody, who is not courteous, and who has no sense of friendship.”

Today is the time for every Muslim to have a good long look at oneself. Pay attention to one’s appearance, clothes, behaviour, analyse one’s words and actions. Onemust avoid giving a bad impression of Islam on others.

Every Muslim must try to convey the Message of Islam, and make sure that others have good and accurate feelings about Islam. One must portray an excellent personal example, if one desires to earn the pleasure of Allah (Almighty), this is the way which will lead to success.


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