My Hijab :: For All Sisters In Islam

I would like to share this message of a sister in Islam with All Sisters In Islam….


Asalam alaikum,

I am a new muslim Alhumdolilah.

I put on my hijab, mashaAllah, a few days ago. The first day I wore it to work a manager told me that it was against company dress code policy, and that if I didn’t take it off during work that she would recommend firing me to the store manager.

Now I spoke to my store managers and they assure me that is not the company’s point of view,  Alhumdolilah, they are both supporting me.

I wanted to write a inspirational poem for sisters that wear the hijab and face day to day prejudice.

As i get ready to go into the outside world
I look in the mirror
What do i see?
My beauty
Then i slip on the hijab
I cover my outer beauty
So you take a look at my inner beauty
I step into the cruel and unjust society
of this “free” country
i look at avoiding eyes and stares
i hear whispering from every side
i think to myself  “i am not here to please everyone”
i am here to please Allah
then i hold my head with the hijab high
Allah has chosen this jihad for me to overcome

yes this is MY JIHAD

To,The Sisters In Islam,Not Wearing Hijab/Naqab,

I Just want to ask

What’s Your JIHAD ?????


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