Going to meet Allah…

Going to meet Allah…

Where are we going today?
Why are we going this way?

What lies around the bend?
Where does this road end?

What is the sum of strife?
What is the measure of life?

How can we get free
from chains we can and cannot see?

We’re going to meet Allah.

Fear is a hurricane;
Imaan is a summer rain.

Hatred is a gnawing cancer;
mercy is the only answer.

Peace on me and peace on you;
trust Allah and we’ll get through.

Love Allah with all your power;
get ready for the final Hour.

We’re going to meet Allah, going to meet Allah,





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4 responses to “Going to meet Allah…

  1. Salma Hadi

    Sure,we r goin 2 meet Allah.thats a very nice poem,and educative 2.we humans 4get all the time that one day,we will all meet our creator,its good 2 B PREPARED.

  2. Muattar ahmed khan


  3. Humu alkhair

    may allahu(S.W) help us do good things that will lead us to his paradise(jannah) n shld help us abstain from bad deeds that will lead us to hell fire(nnaar) Ameen.

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