Benefits of Salaam

Benefits of Salaam

It is said that a young man was making tawaf of the Ka’ba. At the same time he was engaged in sending Salaam on the Prophet (SAW). A man on hearing this inquired, “Do you know of any benefits of sending Salaam?” “Yes” he replied. “My father and I left for hajj, he fell sick on the way and died. His face turned black, his eyes blue and his stomach had swollen up. I cried and said, “We belong to Allah and to him we return”.

That night when I went to, sleep I saw the Prophet (SAW) in my dream wearing white garments and smelling of a beautiful fragrance. He (SAW) came close to my father and wiped his hand over his face which turned as white as milk .The Prophet (SAW) then wiped his hands over my father’s stomach and it returned to its previous state.

He (SAW) was about to leave when I held onto his garment and asked, “I swear by the one who has sent You to my father as a mercy in an unknown land, who are you?” The Prophet (SAW) replied ‘.  Do you not know me?” I am Mohammed (SAW) the Messenger of Allah. Your father spent his life in disobedience to Allah, concurrently he sent Salaam on me many a time. Allah states in the Qur’an, “If you remember me in times of ease then I will remember you in times of difficulty”. When he was afflicted with this difficulty he asked for help and so Allah relieved him from his adversity”.



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2 responses to “Benefits of Salaam

  1. Azeez Toheebat Abiola

    Allahu Akbar,Allahumo soliala seyidina Muhammed wasaleen.

  2. Tariq Kiani

    SubanAllah ,we should love prophet Mohammed (SAW) more then any one in this world.and and send salaam day and night because ALLAH suban ho said in qurain too all this his angels are sending salaam day and night to the holy Prophet .due to sending salaam to holy prophet he is the one who is giving rewards to person.ALLAH gave us strength to do all good things and save us from sins and guide us.Ameen

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