Innocent children of Iraq

Innocent children of Iraq

Innocent children of Iraq, America declared war…


They dropped bombs, more and more.

Innocent children of Iraq, they bombed with all their might
Missiles rained throughout the night.

Innocent children of Iraq, many people have died,
May Allah Ta’Ala grant them a stage in Jannah that is high.

Innocent children of Iraq, never fear…
No matter what happens, Allah Ta’Ala is near.

Innocent children of Iraq, never abandon hope,
Continue to hold tight to Allah Ta’Ala’s boundless Rope.

Innocent children of Iraq, keep that beautiful smile,
Many agree that this illegal war war vile.

Innocent children of Iraq, the Ummah is on your side,
Paradise we are promised if to His Laws we always abide.

Innocent children of Iraq, please remain strong…
Allah Ta’Ala knows who is right and who is wrong.


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One response to “Innocent children of Iraq

  1. Mac

    May Allah shower HIS Protection, Guidance and Blessings upon the People of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Libya !!!

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