“Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of ALLAH is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And ALLAH knows the (deeds) that ye do.” [29:45]


This Verse has five clear messages for us to reflect upon;
1. Recite the Book of ALLAH
2. Establish regular prayer
3. Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds
4. Remembrance of ALLAH is the greatest thing in life
5. ALLAH is All Aware of what we do


To recite the Qur’an include;
• To be able to read the Arabic text properly and beautifully with correct pronunciation and taking care of the pauses and the rules of Tajweed.
• To be able to understand the message and implement it in our lives and believe and have faith on the entire content regarding all its Halaal as lawful and permissible and its Haraam as strictly forbidden and prohibited.

To establish regular prayers include;
• Parying within the prescribed time and in the correct direction.
• Making good wudu and taking care of cleanliness of the place and clothing etc.
• Understanding and reflecting on the meaning .
• Bowing down in awe to ALLAH.

Prayers restrain from shameful and unjust deeds mean, that prayer will only stop from bad deeds if the above points are taken care of, because as a rule, the mention of establishing or to erect prayer comes in the foremost place in the verse than the latter which makes it clear that when the first part is done properly then the result told after that can be seen.
If we do not see the prescribed result in someone who in spite of praying fails to refrain from bad behavior and does not exhibit high moral character, then the prayer itself is not to be blamed, for that prayer was not accompanied with the pre requisite, which is to establish the prayer in the true spirit. A prayer missing in this important component may be termed as just a light exercise with no spiritual uplift which mould human character. A Prayer offered with the recognition of ALLAH and His Commands in the true sense is bound to yield the said. In other words Faith has to enter hearts to show result in actions.

Remembrance of ALLAH is the best thing in life. Our life the greatest asset we have comes to us without any effort or endeavor from our side, if there is life then all other things in our life have a meaning and without life everything becomes insignificant. The cause of our life then should be the most important thing for us, for not placing it at the due place is not something from wisdom and can cause us harm instead. So Remembering ALLAH Who is the cause of us all, is the highest point and the best thing for us in our lives.

ALLAH is All Aware of what we do. This expression strikes more at the hidden side of humans than what they do apparently. To carry out the above mentioned points what counts the most is the sincerity of intention with which these actions or deeds are done. So ALLAH reminds us in the last part of the verse that He is aware of the objective behind with which we recite His Book or Pray, weather we do that for some worldly gains or do it to get the pleasure of our Lord, because He has the Power to see the hidden side of us and it is on the basis of this, that He will JudgeHis slaves.
And ALLAH knows best


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