A Kind, Merciful Lord Poems

A Kind, Merciful Lord Poems

What a Kind King!
What a Great Lord!
Such Wisdom! Such Power! Such Glory!
The Maker and the Sustainer!
Such Power! Such Glory!
But the concern and love of a thousand mothers,
So widely embracing!
Who answers His petitioners,
With such Grace and Benevolence,
What a Merciful, Forgiving Ruler!
The Owner of such a huge Kingdom,
Yet so Patient,
To listen to the woes of even the most wretched,
one of the most blameworthy,
one of the most unthankful.
So Merciful and Forgiving is He!
To listen to those who sin then repent,
Of His courtiers.
What a Great Ruler!
Of a Kingdom so vast!


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