My Muslim Woman Neighbor

My Muslim Woman Neighbor

Asalamu Alykum WarahmautulAllahi Wabaraktuh
This poem is about my neighbor before i knew a lot about my diin. i questioned her and i guess it came to my mind tonight so here is a poem i wrote about my neighbor.

Every morning on my way to school
I see this lady
I wonder why she gets up so early
Although she’s covered and shy
She never passes by without giving salaam to anyone who walks by
I never really understood why she’s always so nice and not to mention sooo wise
So I visited her one day
And asked her why she covers from head to toe?
Why she won’t show her face?
Why she lowers her gaze?
Why she gives salaam?
Why she respects the non Muslims and the Muslims?
And why she’s soooooo wise
Then she replied …. “I cover because it’s a command order from my lord, I won’t show my face because I’m fallowing the sunnah, I lower my gaze because it’s a part of modesty, I respect all people because they have the haqq on me by being my neighbors, I give salaam because its Ajar for me and the person who replies, and I must be so wise cause it’s never great to be Rude, disrespectful and impudent”.
“So I….try…to please my creature and do righteous deeds by fallowing what he has sent down and—-fallowing the Prophet, the Sahabah,and the Tabiun…. for, I’m a Muslim women living in a country where i might not be accepted by Society so I—try—my best to be on the right side and to be upon the straight path. To be among those Allah guides”
Then I myself thank her for her advice and her modesty and pride. Ask for her to make me Dua that I become better in my faith, as I left her house that day I still see this women and she makes me so happy that I could honestly say I LOVE HER FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH!


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