One Blood

One Blood

All these people fighting
Talk about I ain being treated
Fairly I gotta make ma skin
Lighter so that these bunch can accept me

I gotta hate other skin colours because they seem to have it better then me

Don’t you understand that we come from the same struggle and to get somewhere you need to work harder not selfishly

For you are no different to me
You have eyes so do I
You speak from your mouth so do I
I got ears and a nose just like you

You may come in a diff skin tone
N u may b taller fatter or richer but
That does not mean anything
Because these differences of ours come to an end

When I poke a needle in the skin on my hand gently and tell you to do the same we have the same blood colour

Are you still racist
Are you still being selfish?
Are you?
Are you?

You are no different you just don’t want to except the truth we all from the same place the same race
Its a shame that colour has to be up in our face!

One blood




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