I love being a Muslim

I love being a Muslim


Islam is my religion which has no flaws,

I practice it correctly, as if im taking care of a beautiful rose,

I am surely given respect,

The only religion which is perfect,

All answers are provided

Islam is the only way to be guided

I love collecting good deeds,

Islam is there for me when I am in need,

My beautiful Hijab gives me dignity & protection,

I receive so much affection,

Truly I submit to the creator,

The most thankful, gracious & the sustainer,

Lets end with, I LOVE BEING A MUSLIM



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6 responses to “I love being a Muslim

  1. Thuwaibah albanee

    MashaAllah…am proud 2 b a muslim…:)

  2. Assalamulaikum Wa Rahmatullah. It is so beautiful poem. May Allah Almighty bestowed you more courage and determination for this great effort. Ameen

  3. Great tips! Its always good to get basics right!!

  4. zameer

    we loooooooooooove 2

  5. ally

    salam alahikum waramotullahi wabarakatuu.

  6. Firdous


    May Allah bestow upon you all his great blessings…so that your day becomes happy and prosperous,

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