O Dear Muslims [Poem]

O Dear Muslims


by Bint Haroon

O Dear Muslims, if you were sincere

and tread the path of the righteous,

The living among you,

who didn’t know the path to the straight,

would have fallen in love,

with Islam the real faith.

If you practised Islam the true way,

Your manners were the best

in what you thought and what you say.

Just by looking at you,

the unbelievers would have convert

to the religion of Islam

the perfect and true.

O Muslims, did we practise Islam

for ourselves and our family?

Did we not care for the

whole entire Ummah?

What will we say to our beloved

Prophet May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him

on Judgment Day?

He made so much effort

before he passed away.

Will he have a smile

on his face for us?

Or will he be unhappy

And his face turned away from us?

And won’t we feel disgrace and injustice?

O Muslims, just don’t pray for yourselves

and family.

Pray for the entire Ummah.



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4 responses to “O Dear Muslims [Poem]

  1. I am proud to be a Muslim

  2. nasim khan

    yes,pray for all muslim ummat…i am also proud to be a muslim

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