Rights Of Parents [Must Read Urdu Version]

Importance Of Parents

According to Quran and Sunnah




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4 responses to “Rights Of Parents [Must Read Urdu Version]

  1. Feroza

    Asslaamu Alaikum. Plse could someone translate the Urdu version (Rights of Parent) into English. Jazakallah. Wassalaam.

  2. very right written bro
    May Allah (SWT) make us from those whom He love.Ameen

  3. Assalam O Alikum

    Bhor bhot acha ha magar bat to tb ha jb hm amal bhe kare is p. ALLAH Pak hm Sb ko neki k raste p chalne or apni zindagi islsm k asolo k mutabiq guazarne ki tofeq atta farmaye.

  4. dr tahir khan

    it is no doubt that parents are unique in this universe
    lets pray for them and make a firm decision to serve them in every aspect of life
    ameen, ameen

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