And Leave It On

Faith cannot further your self-destructive fantasies or desires for exaltation. Higher consciousness will not dominate others nor will faith enable you to use this great wisdom and power to dominate them. Your higher consciousness is concerned about the welfare of all people and will never be a tool for hurting others. When you flip the switch of faith, goodness — at a level which you can only glimpse — manifests each and every time. When you turn on the switch, leave it on until the difficulty or trouble in that particular area is transformed and gone. Don’t turn it off with the thought, “Well, I guess it didn’t work this time.” If you, in faith, have turned on the switch, your higher consciousness will continually move in every area you designate.

We human beings have scarcely begun to develop in our understanding and use of faith. At present it seems there isno limit to what faith can do. May your faith be great!


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