The World Today (An Injustice World)

The middle-east war

It’s become an obsession

An ultimate mission

Taking lives has now become a profession

They claim Hijabi women are under oppression!

They claim their way is better, so where is the progression?

They occupy Muslim lands, and now it’s under their possession

Silencing innocent people by random execution

Brainwashing minds with various manipulations

Feeding lie’s via media…a system of infiltration!

Nothing but deliberate fabrication!

What is the matter with you people?

What is all this dictation?

What is really your secret operation?

Why do you make good people of such degradation!

You continue dropping bombs causing mass destruction!

Heavy artillery, hidden explosions!

Not forgetting the treatment of innocent lives,

What an abomination!

There was no provocation

No offence committed by women and children, so why the incarceration?

The casualties now wait with anticipation

Further precipitation

Criminals only follow evil temptations

Continuously getting away with horrific actions

They paint today’s world with such illustration!

Well let me tell you something…

We have a mind,

We have imagination,

We won’t become part of your globalization

Whilst you carry on your colonization

In time…people will rise, have a goal, an ambition

To make do your evil crimes an annihilation,

Wipe out global starvation,

Including discrimination & false accusation

Freedom for your women under heavy exploitation

Yes! The true world liberation

And I’m not afraid to say….

These people will rise to be,

Allaah’s, chosen Nation.

Don’t be scared

We don’t want world domination

We simply want justice for all…


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One response to “The World Today (An Injustice World)

  1. Samia N.

    could u please tell me who wrote this poem because I would like to use it for an assignment and i need the name so i can quote the person.

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