Little Warriors of Palestine (rap) :'(

Is it a truthful war with chaos and destruction?
Simply Inhibition of restriction, lack of persecution, aided with instruction,
For conviction with detestation against the devastation of constant annihilation,
No stop for liberation what is liberation when were scorned for demonstration.

More news comes out real picture is rare truth is there but who does care.
We are never there to see enough never there to show the love. What’s fair?
When there hands are cuffed with invisible ropes hung with the empty hope,
Empty palms, and striped of clothes there so lost how do they cope?

You think you’re tough from the life that you lead
You cannot pay heed to the life that they lead,
There living standards rougher little warriors only suffer
The constant persistence with the constant resistance
No time for them to figure it out this instance.

There not on mute, we become the voice for the voiceless,
TV politics digging voids for the noiseless
Redressing the truth for real sense from the present tense
The convenience of lost proof and reverence

When it befalls they have no armour
No bullets no tanks depend on karma
Just stones against metal faced guns
Death toll by the million tons,
Wounded physically, tears pour hysterically
Stricken with hostility, brings the brutality.

He has stones and bricks as bones,
That little boy that stands all alone
Still fighting back, when brutally attacked,
Born into a life of violence and struggles
Living out of a silent cage lacking cuddles,
Empty cradles, his not stable
Bloodshed baths and bombing lullabies
His petrified, it horrifies.

Stand out stand strong but never be still
There out there frozen targets for kill
Raise awareness of this war coalition, facing mass demolition
The reality of the façade of policy to bring humanity
Truth of where’s it headed its systematic genocide
Murdering massacre and serial infanticide

Be wary of what your taught coz it isn’t always true
The things that they show on the mainstream news
Is it a real picture of the brutalised youth?
It’s the negative picture of the things that they view
So where lies the truth and whose hands shall we choose

Choose to see the truth that is liable
Not what your ears hold desirable
Hearing, seeing things that should have never been
A big sin starts from a small sin coz you loose sight of the silver lining.
Actions with audacity mindful minds loose capacity
As the honest word becomes impiety

Islam teaches truth that’s never undone,
Bout the war that will take place in Al Shaam
But people depict the future erase the past
They think the killing is clean and fast
This isn’t the truth that we been hearing
It’s simply the lies that they been feeding

No proof of bin laden causing this war
It was bush Obama and many more
This isn’t the first unjustifiable war
No honest man is keeping the score.
If you’re an abiding citizen of the law
How can you sit back and watch this non-core

A decades worth of Zionism
Brought about by atheism
It’s not apart of Judaism
And I know that the sorrow I am feeling
Isn’t for the soldiers that are “bravely” killing
Mothers, brothers, aunts and others
It’s simply for the little warriors


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