Can We Achieve Peace?

I have this beautiful image in my head

That one day peace and respect will be wide spread

Where the grass will be greener than green

And the sky so blue, clear and clean

Where we wake up in the morning to the sound of birds singing

And people of all races and religions walk in the streets with hands clinging

A day which we could turn on the tv and no longer see bloodshed

Because famine, racism, and war was finally put to bed

Then I wake up from my dreams and see this world as an object of pity

As the bombs continue to fall down like acid rain on city after city

Surely peace is a certainty in which this world needs to bring tranquility

However, all we see is disunity and corruption amongst our community

Now the question is: can we achieve peace in a world so full of evil?

Where the ones who suffer are the poor and feeble

And it is the rich and “mighty” that sit back and relax

While the innocent wish they’d stop ignoring these facts

Woe to you for being so heartless and not being able to hear

To hear the voices of people crying for help so loud and clear

Like the mothers mourning the deaths of all her children in Palestine

You don’t need to be Einstein to notice that the world ain’t fine

This world’s injustice spreads from Haiti to Afghanistan

With kids dying in Somalia, Sudan, Iraq and Pakistan

And yet we still think that peace is achievable in such conditions

This is impossible until we come together and set aside our ambitions

Because while you continue to be selfish and only worry about you

Millions of people are suffering by what your governments carry through

And we still walk around dumb, deaf and blind by listening to whatever our leaders say

We don’t even realize that we’ve permanently put history on replay

To a point where self-interest and intolerance becomes the new black

Where it’s normal to turn on the tv and hear about another terrorist attack

And none of this fazes us because we are not the ones behind the tv screen

I guess no one finds the massacre of thousands of people obscene

Peace has become something that is only a possibility

With the worlds hostility it might not be a probability

In the end, God has blessed us with this hope to comprehend

To comprehend that peace can actually become our closest friend

It is up to us to rise and realize these lies in disguise

Before we are lead straight to our demise


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