Blood in my hands, war in my head and apathy in my heart

Life is getting ferocious,

calm hearts becoming anxious.

Sky scratched with buildings,

earth cracking with drillings.

A place man calls home,

has become a war zone.

Bullets piercing into his head,

and bombs and all the bloodshed.

Lift up my spirits;

make me fight the devil,

who whispers into my ears.

Enticing me,

Attracting me,

To sins, to life,

Which is empty.

Going through this alone,

is killing the conscience in me.

Instigating misguided decision,

abandoning me from serenity.

Let me go from this evil,

let me go from this dying world.

Free me from wild temptations,

free me from the devil’s delusions.

Let me die with a pure soul,

let it be free from this bitter cold.

Let me die for the One and Only,

cleanse my soul for You solely.

Guide me and purify my intention,

to reach to the guided destination.


To my Muslim brothers, lead us well for you are our leaders.

Never fear death for it is the door in meeting your Creator.

Stand up for the truth, not immorality,

Never be immersed in temporality.

“…with hopes that this rejuvenates your spirits…”


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