Are you free?

I say, are you …
Free as leaf falling from an autumn tree,
Free as single drop of rain falling from the heavens,
Free like a flower in the spring breeze,
Free as a bird gliding across the western horizon?

I say, are you…
Free to express what you feel when you feel,
Free to speak what you want when you want,
Free to dress the way you want,
Free to walk wherever you want?

You say we are all free in this world,
I say open your eyes and take a deeper look,
Into the lives of those,
Who have never experienced freedom.

You say freedom is a gift,
That should be used wisely.
I say open your minds and your hearts,
And shower the gift of freedom.

You say you have no control over freedom,
I say with freedom comes power,
So you have the power, to fight,
Fight to liberate those who are not free.

Because freedom comes with trust,
And it comes with responsibility,
And it’s up to you and me,
To help those be free of oppression.

‘In order to have peace we need justice, to have justice we need mercy, to have mercy we need love, to have love we need freedom.’
Nooruddeen Durkee


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