When I Pray

When I Pray

When I pray I am overcome with peace and warmth
like heat radiating through my body on a December night.
From the darkness of the ignorant and shallow world
I bathe in the glory of Allah’s light.

In a world in which I face rejection and lonliness is my foe
I turn to Allah and in prayer I feel a closeness no wordly relationship can ever know.
It’s like a sweet, soothing sensation saving my soul
as mercy is showered upon a sinful being now not under the duniyas control.
The senseless noise around me diminishes into the vastness of the sky
as in Allah’s worship does my iman reign high.

My limbs lie in prostration,utter humility and submission to my Lord do I show
For pride and arrogance are Allah almighty’s cloak, not for me to bestow.
With my limbs I praise him, with my body I worship him, with my heart I turn to him.
This prayer I observe five times a day brings a light to my life that can never go dim.

Salaam is given to the angels so pure, a dua made from feelings so raw
Oh creator, to worship you is what this body is living and breathing for.


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