Unveil Your hearts

People say not to judge a book by its cover,

Yet when you see me on the streets you judge me instantly and cross over.

You judge my loose garments as a sign of oppression,

It’s time to realise this is my choice of fashion,

I wear the scarf on my head to seek my Lords protection,

For He has ordered me to fulfill this simple obligation.

In the media you make up my personality,

I’ll now reveal my true identity;

Wearing my hijaab to honour myself

Not revealing my beauty for anyone else

Lowering my gaze to preserve my dignity,

A Part of my faith to focus on my piety.

You find it difficult to communicate with me behind my veil,

Let me ask you, does my face behind a phone prevail?

Behind this veil I let myself free,

Free into a sea of spiritual discovery.

My journey as a Muslimah only to please my lord,

As my priorities in life differ from yours.

So next time you see me stop and ask

I’ll try my best to accomplish my dawah task!


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