Missed Blessings

I wake up with a jolt to the sound of the alarm, fajr long behind me.
Hurrying so my boss doesn’t get angry if I’m late, the thought of Allah’s anger does not even enter inside me.

As afternoon approaches, the thought of lunch and socialising ignite me.
A whole hour goes by and my hunger is content but the contentment of praying zuhr does not reside inside me.

Asr comes but I’m much too busy and cannot spare five minutes to observe it.
Yet hours do I spend in front of the computer for financial gain but isn’t spiritual gain more worth it?

The sun is beginning to set, lightness turning to dark as I make my way home.
As light diminshes so does the time of maghrib as in empty thoughts do I roam.

At night, to feel release from the hardships of the day, I pour myself a drink and feel calm in its soothing effect.
But the real release is in Isha prayer, so why its wonderful rewards do I reject?

A whole day goes by in wordly gain and pleasure.
Not once did I bow my head before my Lord, not once did I seek his treasure.


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