Oh Muslim Women, Don your veil’s

Be safe from the glares of Na Mahram males!

Oh Muslim Mother, protect your beauty, guard your chastity

Draw over you the jilbaab that conceals completely!

OH My Muslim sister, The women of the west are not the best

Darkness is their dress, no light do they possess

Oh Muslim Women,You are a queen within your home

On the streets, for all to view you do not roam

Oh Muslim Mother,with Jannah as your aim and Imaan as your weapon

Stand tall, be proud , you’re a believing woman!

Oh my Muslim sister,Let them mock, let them jeer,

it’s all that they do!

You have what they do not ,

and that is the fear of Allah within you

I am Muslim women, let me say it aloud

I bow my head, lower my gaze and and remain in my protective shroud!


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One response to “I AM A QUEEN!

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