Her stay in the masjid

A Muslim lass with a big temper,
soul confused and an uncontrollable anger.
She gets impressed with the world easily,
unconsciously putting aside her Islamic duty.

Her father said to her,

‘Suppress your ego,
control your anger,
a beautiful life,
you will soon discover.’

And she pondered and thought,
of the reminder she got.

On a glorious Friday,
she performed her prayer,
in a quiet masjid not very near.

As she placed her forehead on the ground,
she glorified Allah Who has kept her sound.
Tears ran down like pearls in her sujud,
realizing all the years she had wasted.

‘I took You for granted,
and I forget to salawat,
and You still love me O’ Allah,
and I’m thankful for that.

To my prophet pbuh who loves me dearly,
I may have disappointed you, I’m truly sorry.’

She wants to be the best in Allah’s sight,
and make her prophet pbuh proud, to have an ummah like that.

O’ Young Muslim, you and I,
let’s portray Islam and don’t be shy,
we gotta do it before we die.

Utilize time wisely and do not boast,
supress your ego, and God will love you most.

~ wallahu ‘alam ~


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