I go inside a store and..What do I see?
I see all the people looking at me
The first things that come to there mind is…
9/11..Al-Qaeda..Taliban and Jihadist
They see me wearing this scarf and say to themselves:
“Oh that poor oppressed girl! She doesn’t know how to take care of herself!”
Excuse me! Did you ever look at yourself?!
You think your wearing clothes..but your actually not..if you know what I mean
I’m sorry lady, but..those clothes are NOT for me
I fear God and you should too
And if you don’t, then know that your a fool

After all that..I finally understand the hadith
Where the Prophet (SAW) said that I should be a Ghareeb
A stranger..just passing by this world
To enter Paradise..the true..everlasting..goal!


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