Denying your Hijab………

Surah Ar Rahman challenges in the verses of so many
“which is it, the favours of your lord that ye deny”
Can you and me deny?
The same quran ordering you muslim lady
Wear your hijab to live in peace and harmony
But you think it is old fashioned and not a good company
you need the attention and attraction for your hair which is silky and shiny
You think it is your duty to show your beauty
you argue that you are born to enjoy.
Have you ever thought of your last moment
The moment that you think that everybody will lament
No my dear sister this is a well planned arrangement
End of life part-1 which is just a test
In your final journey we will dress-up you. sorry no comment
our ummah will dress up you with a hijab and whole body covered in atleast three pieces of garment
no…… you are not capable of anything dont lament
This is how we are going to dress you whether you like it or not
you will reach your graveyard with hijab
my dear sister why not sit down for a moment
why not think you are being a fithna to the men denying your hijab every moment.


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