A Powerful Expression

To put it on as a source of faith is strength.
Wearing it is a form of glory only embodied in Islam.
The lady is bedazzled by its style and galore.
Faith is measured by knowledge and understanding and wearing it denotes a certain level of religious power.
Freedom is exhibited by any act of expression of a person without bringing harm to society.
The veil is a women’s expression of liberty and power against male dominance in their community and in the world.
Why should nudity represent a woman’s freedom and beauty?
Nudity is indecent and its exposure does not equate a woman plight to male chauvinism, but degrades them and further encourages male dominance and control.
Beauty is defined differently by people and the veil as a source of beauty connotes freedom.
Freedom is beautiful.
To choose to wear, so a woman can draw nearer to the Beneficent through piety, is a great beautiful form of expression.
Choice is an act of freedom and will.
To wear the veil is an act of freedom.
A choice to do what is prescribed during your time of will, readiness, and maturity.
Pride is in the freedom to choose and decide.
There is no pride in coercion.
For the connection is a religious obligation of form, beauty, and freedom.


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