Why do people say they are muslim if they don't act like one?

My brothers and sisiter i always ask my self why my muslim brothers and sisters don’t follow the prophet
when ever i ask my muslim sister if she is muslim, she will say yes i am muslim…
but then she never covers her self.. when it comes to school she wears pants or when she is hanging out with friends.
but when it comes to the masajid she wears differnet close and act like sheikh .
she reads the quran once a month or twice month and she still think she is muslim
My muslim sisters what do you guys thing will happen to you during judgement day.
you guys dress no different then those christian.
why do you show your hair on public.
are you guys trying to show off these guys
but wallahi cadeem during judgement day you will face your consiquences and allah will deal with you..
the guys that yoou are runing after won’t help you during judgement day.so why don’t you start worshiping Allah and follow the prophet muhamed(saw) and cover your self and don’t show what allah reward you to these guys that are not worth.
Allah will ask what have you done in your life..did you worship him and did what he asked you to do..i wonder how you will answer that question
so i hope you take my advice and change as soon as you can ..
May allah guide us to the right path


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