Who is the Greatest of Mankind?

Who is the greatest of mankind?
The finest creation with the most excellent mind
The one who conveyed justice, peace and understanding
In a land with nothing outstanding
In a land full of idolatry, fornication and murder
Only one man could prove this would go no further
Sent with a message so true and pure
He possessed the knowledge which was a cure
A cure to the diseases that kills everybody’s core
The diseases of ignorance, arrogance and more

A person who never uttered a lie and was recognized as a truthful man
Where neighbors began accusing him of lying again and again
He was attacked physically and was extremely defamed
Harming the best of creation yet they did not feel ashamed
O praised one; it is not you who they do not like
It’s the beautiful message which they try to strike
So stay strong and tall
For you are the best of them all
The reassuring words gave him strength to continue on with his day
One by one, his people started converting to the right way
Until everyone around the land submitted
Submitted and repented for all the sins they committed

With just his beautiful character and amazing smile
Others would love and follow him without hesitating a while
The only man who united all in great waves
United the rich with the poor, the kings to the slaves
He brought happiness to the land until his heart beat its last
This was a death that no one will ever let pass
The earth was flooded with tears of people who dislike liked him before
And now there was no other man they loved more

Who is the greatest of mankind?
The finest creation with the most excellent mind
He is the praised one, the kind one, the beautiful one
The prophet and messenger of Al-Wahid, The One
His name is Muhammad Ibn Abdullah
May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him


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