This is for my people dieing out there

This is for my people dieing out there
Who feel like there is no-one who cares
Whether they’re:- Afghan, Iraqi, Somali or Palestinian
And are being killed by the Jews and Christians
Why? Simply because they’re Muslim
The Arabs are still sleeping they haven’t woken up
Even if they did they don’t care about us
They don’t care about they’re brothers and sisters being tortured around the world
They don’t care who dies or who live the don’t even wanna know
All they care about is the money rolling in
And how fine they look when they go dinning
They treat them like out casts in the Muslim countries
Some times they even lock them out Subhanallah have the no mercy?
Now let me get back to my topic
About America and their stupid tactics
Well they put Obama in the picture
He says he’ll give us a “better future”
Then he goes on and says Al-Quds belongs to the Jews
I’ve never heard a kufar say that have you?
They say he’s the first black president he’ll make the changes needed for today
But today is still the same as yesterday
All I see is more fighting and more war
Your cruelty I can’t take no-more
You say you’ll stop but when will that be
I know it won’t happen till Allah says “BE”
But you killed their leader and his family
You killed their people and left the rest in poverty
And what did Iraq do to you?
Oh yes nearly forgot
Your cover up story now that was a good plot
You really fooled a few,
Or should I say a few 100 or few 1000 cause the whole world believed you
You say Al-Qaeda that Al-Qaeda this
But who even knows if Al-Qaeda exists
9-11 to me it looks
Like you just wanted to get into the history books
Kill some people here
Kill some people there
Doesn’t matter where you don’t care
As long as there’s people dieing under your hand
Your America the blood loving land
Now let me just think
You say it the war on terror
But what terror did Lebanon bring?
They were at peace the night before
Then you thought you could win that war
You wanted more land that’s what all those people died fro
To satisfy your million dollar ego
Or million lives I should say
Cause so many people died those days
You wanna rule the world
But that’s not gonna happen so you might as well go
You’re Yuhuud (Jews) you think your no.1
But let me break it to you you’re nothing but a bunch of scared cunts
When you hear we’re coming you start to shake
Have you forgotten what happened to your people in the Prophet’s days?
You broke down your own home afraid we’d gain
But we got what we wanted you out of Arabian plains
So Yuhuud you might be at the top
But you know and I know you’re gonna drop like your people before
Once the most loved now the most hated
Look how you’re rated
In the eyes of Allah (SWT)


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