The Truth

When you see a woman covered from head to toe
Or a man letting his beard grow
Do you think about the religion of murder and terror?
One can tell you, that you are in plain error
Don’t let the media brainwash you with their deception
They are only perverting your perception
Islam is not about bombing planes and taking innocent souls
None of this behavior is amongst our goals
We live to worship the One Creator
With the anticipation of meeting Him later
The reality is, Islam is about love and peace
In religion where your morality is sure to increase
By being good to one another, paying charity and fasting
The truth and goodness in Islam is everlasting
We are to treat others with compassion, mercy and love
By doing so, you’ll be satisfied and rewarded by the One above
The Qur’an says, saving on life is as if you saved all of mankind
So study Islam and the truth you will certainly find
Discover the reality of Islam by opening your eyes
To realize and correct all of these lies


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