The Transparent Veil

The awakening comes with an enriching cognition urging the sight of love.
Only to bring about joy from one’s soul apprehending the beauty from the rising sun.
The dawn to an epoch has embarked; igniting the tumultuous fire wreaking extreme havoc from side to side.
The Good News is shaken, though still at hand; the idea of capitulation is inconceivable and humanity will ultimately prosper.
Edifying our morale and a return to simplicity is our ambition.
Transparency is our eyes gazing the new horizon as we mellow away from an imperfect portion of time.
Our comfort is in our hearts and the light has thrived; once more has morning opened the sky for a sunset thrusting forth the beautiful, serene veil.
Pouring forth purity, illuminating the sky, Brilliance transmits the waves of light; every direction inspired, the veil is brought forth only to elevate our stature and status.
The grandeur and its elegance, the sophistication has no confinement.
The Transparent Veil is beyond our conscience, notion, and agility.
However, on this day our aptitude is magnified and love captivates our souls, mesmerizing the essence of our routine posture.


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