The Tears of the Prophet

Do you know of this man who once walked this earth?
Forever changing the world upon his birth
The man who conveyed justice, peace and understanding
In a land with nothing outstanding
His name was Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet of God
He brought a religion in which others perceived as odd

Do you not remember when he was cast aside?
Where people accused him of lying even though he had never lied
He was attacked physically and was extremely defamed
Harming the best of creation yet they did not feel ashamed
He was truly a strong and patient man although he suffered many afflictions
From the death of his beloved wife, his grandfather and the many inflictions

Do you know of the day where they pelted him with stones?
His eyes filled with tears, his skin spilling blood and the bruising of his bones
Muhammad’s response was a beautiful lesson that he had taught
With his hands in the air, he cried out: “Oh Allah forgive them for they know not!”
With all this pain and suffering, he would always smile
As he knew this life was nothing more than a trial

Do you not remember as he lay in his deathbed?
For you and I, he filled the land with those tears he did shed
Crying uncontrollably he said: “Oh Allah! My people, my people, how will their future be?”
Until he breathed his last, his eyes swelled with tears for you and me
Love this man more than he loved us if you are true
Indeed, his way of life will bring tears to your eyes, if only you knew


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