The first verse came from the surah the poets in the cause of preaching
Also explained the end of pharoah very cleary
Called the kinsmen of BanuHashim our prophet result in warning
of Abulahab who was discouraging and refusing
In the second meeting prophet warned about the day of judgement
AbuTalib promised to help but refused to quit
quit the religion of Abdul Muttalib while Abulahab warned him too
Then our prophet called all the mankind standing onthe mountain As-Safa with truth
He asked’will you believe there are some horsemen try to raid you’
they said ‘yes we have witnessed only truth in you’
very soon Abulahab said,’perish you have you summoned us for such a thing’
Immediately the verses revealed ‘perish the two hands of Abulahab(111-1)it was a warning
The prophets voice reveberated till he gets the verse about polythiest(15-94)
He prayed before them with converts
Very soon reached the time of pilgrimage and created the headache for arabs
they wanted to call the prophet soothsayer possesing with ginn or witchcraft argued all the tribes (74;18-25)
however rasoolullah gave his call for all
Followed by Abulahab calling him a liar
quarish understood they cannot stop his call
planned so much of cheap manners
they started to rediculand taunt season to season by the innocent converts
created doubts in the teaching of the prophet
An-nadr purchased the female singers to mislead the new converts
when ever Abulahab heard about a strong convert he threatens
for weak converts he gave unspeakable tortures
quarish asked Abutalib to stop his nephew
And pressured Abutalib but he continued to support his nephew
then quarish went for a bargain
they gave a boy instead of our prophet
Abutalib said it was an unfair bargain
Because they give the son to grow however he should give him to cut
Then Abuttalib challenged to do whatever they could
So Abulahab continued his tortures towards our prophet
He would not stop rebuking throow stones until his ankles bleed
His wife Abu sufyans sister tie the bundles of thrones with ropes of twisted palm with her own hand
Scatterd them on the path of our messenger of Lord
Ill mannered bad tempered woman derserve the hell fire addresed in the quran
the tortures of our prophet received from his neighbours
In his own house one threw a womb of sheep while he was in prayers
Another the pot of prepared food our prophet removed them with a piece of wood
Group of Abulahab placed a camel on his shoulders while he was in prostration
till his daughter fathima come and move away he couldnt move
Then our prophet made dua for their distruction
The 7th day they were gone unable to move (Dead)

part-5 will continue…………..


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