The Frontier

The Eternal is the One we love.
Compassion in our hearts, mercy from our souls.
Love, being innate, has its origins from birth.
To suckle from our mother and be held by our father, is our first act of piety.

The Eternal has said “be and it is”.
Let it be in our hearts as we hold on to our roles.
Love is an act of pure intention.
As we take our first steps and our hearts rejoice, we are unaware of our velocity.

“BE and it is.” Our guide is the Truth.
The Holy Furqan has set up our goals.
Life is so precious and time is very scarce.
Though we aspire things of this world, allow for some space; Allah is our deity.

“Be and it is”, Jesus is the Messiah.
Supported by the Holy Spirit Gabriel, he will patch up earth’s holes.
From the time he was born, a prophet indeed, Mary his chaste mother, no father is his creed.
Islam is of the whole; Allah is the Greatest; our ability is not limited; and the human race is of a varied variety.

Muhammed is he who told us the truth.
He completed the testament, Islam is the whole.
Adam and Eve are of one soul.
Created by Allah and not by evolution; they begot and begot, today we are on earth, an eclectic society.


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