the end is near

I wrote this poem because I think we are living in the of worst times in the history of Islam. I think there are alot of things Muslims are doing that are forbidden and we need to study Islam in order to bring it back.

A time will come when a man wishes for death
should I wish for this to be my last breath
everyone in the world is dying
can you hear the children crying
woe to you
and woe to me
we are destroying this earth, can’t you see
women are dressed but naked
this Muhammad(pbuh) foretold, and hated
beer being consumed at an incredible rate
its even legal in kuwait
why do we praise suicide bombers, this isn’t jihad
this is so sad
where is our honor, where is our dignity
muhmammad(pbuh) would be ashamed of you and me
palestin,iraq, I’m coming
with full force I’ll be charging
oh kaffar beware of Allah’s solider
the one who strikes like thunder
sharpen your sword, and calibrate your gun
The end of time has come


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