Prophet Nuh (& the Ark)

Nuh (Noah) was sent to his people
Who had clearly turned away…
From the remembrance of Allaah-
They were far, far astray!

The people of Nuh worshipped idols
Carved out of stones
To represent dead pious men
A crime Allaah does not condone

Deaf, dumb and blind,
Allaah they had forgotten
Nuh a chosen believer
Was sent with a mission

Nuh had much patience,
Preached night and day
But many were led ignorant,
Did not listen nor did they pray

The chiefs laughed & mocked at him,
Were wicked and ungrateful
Only the poverty-stricken
Were righteous and faithful

So Nuh prayed to Allaah
They’d be removed from the earth
Arrogance, pride & richness,
Brought them nothing of any worth

So under Allaah the Al-Mighty’s guidance
Nuh was to construct the Ark
“He is clearly gone astray!”
Quite often was their remark

The ship was built with hard material
Away from the deep depth ocean
Little did they know
That the ground was about to break open!

In pairs, a male and female creature (of every kind)
Would board the gigantic ship,
No,this was not going to be-
Just some any ordinary trip

Nuh’s son refused to leave saying,
“I’ll be safer at a higher mountain!”
But the waves came crashing
None can escape Allaah’s ordain

A terrible punishment overtook the losers
With flood and heavy rain
They had been warned for over 500 years,
Over and over again!

For Forty days and Forty nights
The ship had tossed and turned
In total eighty people were saved,
Allaah’s mercy they had earned

So the Earth swallowed its water,
Heavy rain withdrew from the sky
No person left behind,
Not even the sound of a piercing cry

Nuh’s family were righteous,
All except his wife and son Kenan
This is the story Allaah narrates to you
In Torah, Bible and Al- Quran!

Nuh was sad and grieving
For having lost his blood family
But Allaah comforted him
Saying they were not beleivers but shaytan’s party

After this great event took place,
The ship eventually settled in Mount Judi
Archaeologists claim the ship’s findings,
See then how true is Allaah the Ali (Most High)

Allaah bought forth from the believers
A new growing population
The Ark was kept as a sign-
For future coming generation

So whenever we travel with ships
Remember Nuh’s Story
Signs have been left in this world
Remember Allaah and his Mercy


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