Our soul is Amanah from Allah

Knock on the door, yes it is my guest
she is so nice and her perfume is wonderful this is the opinion of the host

Her dressing is so neat
She speaks so sweet
this is how any body comment(s)
describing her guest in any chat

Do you know how you will be treat(ed)
when you die and time for the depart
of your soul which Allah’s Amanah handed to you without rent
He knows how you used it with his own sight

So, After death before you knock the door the angels will treat
if you are not with a pure soul they will shout
we feel the stinky bad smell before our gate
No permission to enter for that host

However, if your soul spread the fragrance for your host
they will willingly give you a greet
with salam in a voice so sweet
they will feel pleasure to welcome the guest

Once again, Remember our soul is Amanah from Allah with no rent
however, you should take so much care when you treat.


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