One man

It took one man to Concur the world
One just one man
With out T.V nor radio or internet Just on foot&
word of mouth and sending letters to countries
telling them about our mighty god. Just like that
the Religion of islam begun and it stung the heart of Muslim
with joy to receive guidance and rewards for their deeds

One man to spread the peace
One man to live and teach
One man to set a perfect example
Ya Rasoolula SAW

Most men got send on their own their mission was something
that no one could even think of all alone
One man thats all it took Subxana la
And the words it all came from one book

See how the Kaba is being watched
See how the ummah is increasing
History is slowly on repeat

One Prophet One book One God…
My days.. It makes me skip a heart beat
Get butterflies with the thought of
how The book was complete
and not even one corruption in the book
See how life is so precious

See how that one man is so dedicated to us
we complain so much yet this persons trust is in all of us
our prophet has given our family the road to the next life
Subxana as a born Muslim i am ashamed that
most of my years i was ignoring the most beautiful religion in man kind
how can i deny something that was always in front of my eyes.

Earth has been shown an invisible light and only those that do right
will see this light. Legends of islam walked this earth
Born and raised and True Mothers of islam gave birth
to role models who still have an impact in our life

One man thats all it took
now they need a whole government is it because they are shooked
that they can not live up to the truth
can not accept the islamic law of righteousness

One man thats all it took
The last Prophet of the book
Mohamed SAW !!


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