When the prophet was nearly forty he started his meditation
In the cave Hira- An Noor called the mountain
His heart was restless when he was thinking what was existing around
Moral evils and idoltary were wide spread
It was three years continued his worship and meditation
The light of Revelation
Burst upon him with some verses of the noble quran
As a sighn of his prophethood;
the stones in makkah would greet him with salam during that period
the first of the initiation of revelation for him in the form of dream he assumed
the angel came to him and said recite he said he couldnt recite then the angel embraced
Second time ordered to reccite and squeezed
until our prophet was exhausted
again the angel squeezed
and teach the verses start ikrah and our prophet repeated
our prophet was so much frightened
Kadijah(ra) covered him and soothed
took the prophet to Waraqah who had embraced
Christianity in the pre islamic period
He who was a blind old man wrote scriptures promised
to support our prophet strongly though few days later he died
our prophet was caught in sort of a depression
coupled with astonishment and confusion
He intented several times to throw himself from the top of the mountain
All the time gabriel appeared and made him calm down
when the shades of confusion diminished
He waited for the revelation indeed
when he saw the same angel sitting between the sky and the earth our prophet knelt on the ground
he went home saying cover me cover me aloud
Theen it is revealed (surah muthathisr -enveloped in garments (74:1))
The first duty Allah orderd was ‘Arise and Warn’.

will continue………………………


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