lie detector test

Your heart beats run very fast
Few seconds to go to reveal your test
test that is just to test
whether you lie or not in result.

shocked,frustrated, denied
To accept the truth indeed
screaming to prove that you never lied
All around you are deaf, your screams already burried
because you are sealed

This is just a test by a humanbeing
It is 96% accurate that is why you are screaming
A wonderful beatiful verse is appearing
in the holy quran for your thinking

keep your opinon secret
or proclaim it
HE is the knower of all that
is in the breast(of Men)

when it is revealed what ever you thought
Will you be shocked
no need
Allah the almighty alredy showed (the result of the test)

(surah mulk chapter 67, verse 13)
(please read surah mulk, surah mujaadalah & surah waaqi after mahrib prayers everyday).


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