Islam means peace,
Still people are not pleased.
It’s maligned and made fun of,
See it for yourself before you further mock.

Turn to Quran.
It’s the book for mankind,
It urges you to be kind,
It’s the book which correspond with Science,
To the “Blind” it’s the sign,

During the Dark Age,
What was the earth’s shape?
What did man knew about embryology?
Astronomy was alien,
But Quran answers all,
Isn’t that miracle?
Oh, you people respect my Quran.

People perceives that Muhammad (pbuh) is our Lord,
It isn’t true,
He ain’t No God,
A servant to the master,
He was here to save the world from disaster.
He abolished slavery,
Gave the women their due dignity,
Humble & clean,
Always ready to support,
The Right & The victim,

The pillars of Islam,

Shahadah – Oneness of God,
Salat- The prayers,
Zakat- Charity,
Sawm – Fasting,
Hajj – Pilgrim.
Where does it talk about killing innocent being?
Why don’t they see,
What is best and why do they propagate,
What is not good for anyone’s interest?

Respect mankind
By respecting things what they believe is divine.
Religion join people,
Politicians create divide by using religion as a tool to survive.
I join my hand and bow to the almighty,
Let peace prevail,
And the demons exhale


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