Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell

I am the peace mercy and blessings of Allai
I am the havoc wrath and displeasure of Allai

I have the cool soothing wind blowing within me
I have the hot sizzling wind blazing within me

I am serene, peaceful and beautiful all around
I am mayhem, a violent and dreadful ground

I have sweet and delicious fruits full of grace
I serve a meal of bitter wounds from burning lace

I stretch out high till the seventh sky
I shrink in low into the pit of burning pie

I have palaces on the top, rivers of milk beneath me
I have heat on the top, flames within, fire beneath me

I am green and white, pink with light looking bright
I am yellow and red, orange with fire burning tight

I have most beautiful big eyed lovely companions
I have most horrifying red eyed monsters on horizon

I deserve the people of the right hand
I deserve the people of the left hand

My people are honored respected and loved
My people are tortured punished and burnt

I have people praising the name of Allai
I have people begging for the help of Allai

I’m Heaven the eternal peaceful residence
I’m Hell the eternal miserable residence

A short description of Heaven and Hell in my own words with the reality of them described by Allai in the Glorious Koran

– Heaven and Hell are as true and real as Day and Night

– Read and Understand the True Koran

– After you understand believe the truth of The Pure Koran

– After understanding and believing strive to follow The Glorious Koran

– Coz its important that you decide before your death, that you are interested in dwelling into Heaven or Hell forever

– Death is a Truth on which every type of Human being believes, no matter what belief system. culture, caste or religion he follows, even an atheist cannot deny Death, and death is only to prove that ALLAH exists The Lord of the Worlds

– If death wouldn’t have been a part of Life, the disbelievers would keep denying the truth of Allah and the believers will keep believing, but how would we know who was right and who was wrong, this is the only reason Allah made death a part of life, after you die Allah will show you the truth and will show you that of which you thought would never happen


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