Hail to One

Hail to One

He was and He is always one
Before the glow of moon
Before the shine of sun

Whatever Ram taught me
Whatever I could learn
Whatever I thought was tough
Whatever I felt fun

Things which were completed
Things left undone
A place with people
A place with none

In every page of knowledge
I remember reading Hail to One

In the book which was brought by Ram
In the book of Mary’s Son
I read the Holy Truth
Of one Creator
Who created everyone

One is a seed
Which grows many trees
Giving fruits and flowers
Nectar for bees

One was the Ark
Which people could see
But I carried the world in it
Nova said to me

I don’t know about the lies
Neither about the truth
I have nothing on my head
Neither under my foot

There’s something in my heart
Which make’s it beat
My soul is driven back to the page
Where I can read

I pray and you feed
I follow and you lead
I am your reason
And you are my need

The truth which gives me strength to succeed
I am back to the page where I can read

He was and He is always one
Coz I remember reading Hail to One

The meaning of Hail is “To Prostrate” so Hail to One means to prostrate to One True God.

– The Islamic Concept and its belief system is entirely based in having faith and relying trust on One God only ……
The Creator of all.

– The Holy Scriptures of all the Major religions around the World talk about believing and worshiping the One Holy Creator who created everyone, and to turn away from the worship of false deities and fake gods.

– My personal thoughts which do tally, with the True Koran which believes that, due to the existence of just One Natural Power, the Stable existence of these innumerable worlds seems to be possible.

– The Concept of more than one God gives me a scary image of all the Worlds broken and scattered into innumerable amount of pieces and every force and energy out of control, destroying or getting destroyed.


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  1. Your blog constantly makes me think, I have just bookmarked it!

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