Encompassing Moments

Soaring through the night sky; an awarding moment despite the anguish.

Laughter and love deluge the core; shivering off tears of honor and praise.

Glory is to one whose light illuminates both rotations.

A revolution of one’s intuition, conscience, and intellect;

The intention compounds your character and mobility.

Glory is to one, whose light sends rays of knowledge upon the celestial whole.

An expansion of our boundaries only with an invitation to reach what is limitless.

Though, what is the end? An understanding of what is first.

We are endowed with a gift; apportioned the universe, so we understand what came and lay before us.

A myriad of images we seek to grasp, but pages we turn to brighten our course.

With day come its treasures, as history embarked on its journey.

Let night run its course, for the horizon will gleam making way for the story to end.

On this night, a dream of compassion brings you closer; tomorrow an awakening will liberate your ability.

And our eyes will once again gaze the mirror; the reflection capturing the very moment encompassing a future course of time.

You’re left with instances of history encompassing your being.

The page is turned.

The story is drawing closer to its end.

All instances of history collaborate and move forward; moment by moment and era by era the chapters begin to compound what is understood.

The story is interpreted.

Light has sealed the past.

And we attest to our freedom.

Where wellness is on the right path and well being is an understanding of the past, its lessons manifesting in our future.

The final chapter, a testimony harmonizing our hearts; what is pure as opposed to any contamination.

Tomorrow our anguish will be burdened.

The Earth will replenish.

Truth will burden dishonesty.

History is told by the pen.

As humans, we endure every moment as they pass.

We understand yesterday is marked by every horizon.

Yesterday’s story will not end.

Closure is in what is written; authorship should be an act of candor.

Victory is in the hands of the victor.

History is written by the victor.

Light has sealed the word; and light is marked by glorious and compassionate victory.


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