come and follow me to arabia
It a place where death doesn’t die
destruction and confusion and no one can get some shut eye
be careful who you talk to, he could be a spy
just keep shooting and don’t ask why
don’t worry about weapons because I’ll supply
were always hiring. no need to apply
I was busy planning and your were busy looking for a bride
I told you this day would come but you denied
what are you doing, sitting on the side
get up and fight, now is not time to hide
many of my family and friends have died
brothers committing suicide
and when we meet the enemy like comets we collide
this land has been occupied
I’l turn your into a greatest shooter
and don’t ask me about the weather
its raining bullets and bombs and its not getting any better
don’t underestimate the enemy for they are clever
but I will finish off the Jews just like Hitler
so be as ruthless as a tiger
and strike like thunder
time’s flying and I’m getting older
so to the future generations NEVER SURRENDER


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