Adam – The first Man

Long, long ago on a very special day,
Allaah created a man out of clay

Adam would be Allaah’s representative on earth
For future generations a miracle sign of human birth.

By Allaah’s command they fell down to prostrate (before Adam)
Iblis, refused, Allaah knew what would become his fate

Iblis made from fire & Adam from clay
The arrogant vowed to forever lead mankind astray!(Except Allaah’s chosen ones)

So Allaah gave Adam a companion, a wife
Enjoyment with Eve for the rest of his life

In the Garden of Eden, their stay was not long
For Iblis returned to cause Adam & Eve wrong

Allaah warned to them, “Go not near this tree, for it is forbidden!”
But Iblis deceived them & so their shame was no longer hidden

They quickly retreated behind some bushes
Seeked Allaah’s forgiveness and were granted their wishes

Iblis was mischievous and asked Allaah for recompense
He should be treated as our Enemy for he deceived our first parents

Allaah then sent them all to earth for an appointed time
Iblis was plotting again, that slithery slime!

Allaah inspired Adam and taught him alot
Allaah gave him wisdom which the Angels knew not

So on Earth Adam and Eve Lived
Shortly after, Eve conceived (twins every birth)

So this is how life on earth began
Don’t believe in evolution…
We all descended from this first man

Allaah is the hidden treasure & has the right to be known
Created his Creation Al-Mighty Allaah in his Throne!


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