ya mahdi

In the name of ALLAH the beneficent the merciful.
Send blessing on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad a.s

We wait patiently for you Oh saviour.
You’re the pure soul that will come to save the world from its misery,
You’re the light that will come and bring guidance.
You’re the justice that will destroy all the injustice.
You’re the good that will come and take away evil.
You’re the noble that will drive away the ignoble.
You’re the righteous that will eliminate the transgressors.
You’re the saviour that will bring peace and harmony to fill a world that is currently filled with anger and vengeance.

You left and now we anticipate your return,
We plan for your coming,purifying our souls to be with you,
we call out to you and appeal for your help.
We state that we are the ones waiting but really
your the one waiting.
You wait for us to wake up to ourselves,
for us to understand our lives.
You wait for us to value what’s important and let go of what’s not.
You wait for us, your followers to truly understand that we need you,
for us to understand Islam is what is right and this world is merely an illusion.
you wait for us to stand up and truly call for your help.
To shout the shout of the weak and the oppressed,
to call the call of the needy and the guide less.

You wait in patience for us,
for us to let go of the superficial value of this world,
and start to understand the magnificent value of the next world.
Inshallah you are not waiting long for us to realise we need you, inshallah we change fast, inshallah we understand your importance soon, inshallah we let go of this world quickly.
This world is empty with out you, its meaningless and lifeless.
We need your knowledge, your light, your wisdom, your guidance, your generosity, your understanding and your help.
We need you Ya Mahdi.

Send blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. a.s


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