My word is born

Productive thoughts depicting the spiritual path without pride. Never since my soul existed in this body with no reason to live my choice to believe, and my voice to breathe the truth, and constantly being focus indeed, watchin the speed as the pendulum swings, it seems the voices of the oppressed are poking the scenes. So I inherit the core’s of knowledge, like humans existence and the existence of humans cells on tectonic plates. Passing the fate with faith and paint my future with the level of understanding why God is bring the rain. While they praise the sun just 2 get through him. Flamboyantly I, found the way to control myself by finding peace as the way of life, with this piece i’ll erase the knifes, nails on the hands of christ, peace upon you Issa the prophat as the constantly assassinating the wise, its evil indeed, when the leaders of greed, as gate keepers by promoting the sin. Holding the wheel. Now feeeeeeeeeel… Your mind in a prison you cannot touch or smell no taste as you chasing the meal. Is it true to kill is now for keepin it real? We living it still, as transgressors multiplying like forces of evil in the twilight of history as delusional deals, Dancing with the devil while the devil is dancing with demons, awakenin jins. So then if only one God is the creator why believing in satan, we making it harder and smarter i vision my needs with steps circulating the earths high energy point with seven spiritual planes, and no ritual fate, spiritualy! drifting apart from time and space, Ziyaad is born!!


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