I Love My Deen


I will never let go of my deen
I will be as the prophet saw had been,
All Muslims ask for my advice
And inshallah they will go to paradise.

All the nonbelievers who did not take my advice
Will go to hell not paradise,
Allah keeps all the Muslims away from the jinn
And in return the Muslim keep away from any sin.

Everyone holds onto an unseen line
People destroy their line by drinking alcohol and wine,
I would never become a Christian pope
Even if they hanged me on a rope.

Allah swt looks down
and he can see every single little town,
ALLAH can see the elephant
To the tiny ant

My deen is so precious to me even if i am dead or alive
If the kafir said change your ways i would kill myself and dive.

Allah is the sustainer and is only one
Even the mightiest soldier would run,
I will never have let go of my deen
And all the muslims shall have seen.


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One response to “I Love My Deen

  1. try to under stand ur and my deenn plz muslimssssssss

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