A Simple Smile

Start each day with the good deed of a simple smile.
For smiling is Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) and it’s effects on the heart is long felt after it has been discharged.
How just and equitable is your Lord that He has made your smile use less facial muscles to express than a frown, so that you may never, ever grow weary of smiling.
A smile is patience when you are going through bad times and self-recognition that Allah is just around the corner to take your worries and sorrows away.
A smile is like an ‘arm around the shoulder’ to the beholder in their time of need, it doesn’t need to be backed up by words, it just lets them know you are their for them should they ever fall or waiver.
A smile is the spark of hope that makes the heart catch fire with the remembrance of Allah through which troubles melts away into insignificance.
A smile is the window into your soul and an acknowledgement that you may not have everything in life, but you are content with what Allah has blessed you with.
May Allah keep us all smiling in this life and the hereafter (Ameen!)


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